Rules and Policies

Race Rules and Violation of Procedure

The purpose of these rules is to ensure the integrity of the run as a test of individual performance, providing equal conditions for all. The guiding principles of the Performance Rules are as simple as: play fair, be safe, and respect the land.

Violations of any rules or directives of Sierra Pacific Endurance Sports or any of our host venues may be grounds for disqualification from the event or future SPES events, any infractions that result in a fine levied by our host venue’s officials will be the sole responsibility of the participant causing the infraction.

  1. As our race courses are on remote public and private lands, all runners must be able to rely on themselves for way finding, hydration and fuel and must be prepared for environmental conditions that may and will change during the course of the event. Each runner must carry sufficient food, water and clothing to travel safely between aid stations.
  2. All racers must yield to other trail users. You are likely to encounter hikers, horsemen, mountain bikers and other trail runners. Be an ambassador to trail racing and share the trails.
  3. Littering is forbidden. Carry any and all wrappers, trash, gel packs and tops with you to the next aid station. If you see litter along the trail, please pick it up. All aid stations will be collecting trash and disposing of it properly. Leave the trail better than you found it.
  4. Aid station and course workers are all volunteering their time to help you with you race. Please treat them with respect. Failure to follow aid station instructions will result in immediate disqualification.
  5. Each runner is responsible for staying on course. Short cutting is not allowed. Courses are well marked and maps will be available for download. On average, ribbons are located every 1,000 along the course. Major turns and intersections will be marked with directional signs. If you feel that you missed a turn and you are off course, return to the last known course marker.
  6. If for any reason you need to leave the trail, such as the call of nature, leave your water bottles on the trail so that trail sweeps will not leave you behind without a marked trail.
  7. If you need to leave the race for any reason, you must first check in with the nearest aid station and notify the volunteers of your intentions. Failure to do so will cause a search and rescue effort and you will responsible for any SAR costs incurred.

Violation of any of the rules or regulations of Sierra Pacific Endurance Sports or our host venue is an extremely serious matter. These simple rules are meant to help all runners have a fair, safe and enjoyable race and to ensure that we will be permitted to continue using the wild lands in the future.


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Sierra Pacific Endurance Sports was created in 2010 to serve the trail running community by promoting small local events that offer challenging courses and conditions to all who participate.

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